Locinox Team


Locinox develops and manufactures fittings for fencing and gates. Our vision is for every high-quality fence to have a gate with at least one Locinox component fitted in it. No, we are not considering to make products for indoors.

Our expertise is with fittings for outdoors. That niche market may not be big, but we would like to be the very best at it internationally. At the moment we are assuming a leading role and we want to keep that role and even further expand it. That is why we keep investing in this market.   READ MORE

Company Values

Company values

  • We serve the customer as an emperor and strive for a win-win relationship
  • We are experts in the fencing world
  • We always deliver on our promises and deadlines
  • We stimulate cooperation between people
  • We go for it and adapt quickly toward our objectives
  • We communicate proactively and unequivocally about the expectations
Product development

Passion for product development

Passion. It is, to stay in Locinox terminology, THE key word for owner Joseph Talpe. Together with the ten employees at Research & Development he is busy improving and refining the Locinox products on a daily basis. He does so with unabated love for the trade.

“I am a developer in heart and soul, my passion lies there. It gives me enormous joy to see a new product grow and finding it become a success and to see that customers are satisfied with new solutions. The continuous development of new and better quality products enabled Locinox to grow to a leading player.”  READ MORE

Quality materials

Only the highest quality materials

The quality of all of the Locinox products is closely guarded from beginning to end by our Quality department. That begins with checking if suppliers used the right alloy in manufacturing. The Quality department tests samples of the new products and only when they have been approved does production actually start.

All of the Locinox products are made out of stainless materials. That is a certainty that is a fundamental principle. “We use stainless steel and aluminium as often as possible. Sometimes we have to use steel. If that is the case, it is galvanized using the hot-dip galvanizing method. This way one gets the thickest layer of zinc and therefore the best protection from rust.”  READ MORE

Logistic excellence

94% of all orders sent out within 24 hours

Locinox aspires to ship each order within 24 hours. Operations manager An van Snick ensures this objective is met in 94% of all cases. She and her team have mastered the enormous and complicated logistics process that is hidden behind the quick service.

“We invested heavily in optimal warehouse logistics and automation. We keep stock of a number of products, we can just get them off the shelf. Many other products are not in stock as a whole, but as a series of semifinished products."   READ MORE